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Elland C of E Junior, Infant & Nursery School (VA)

Modern Foreign Language (MFL)

We have implemented French into the school curriculum. Every class will study a variety of French themes and traditions by learning new words, phrases and the correct way to pronounce words just like the French do. We will also be learning a popular Christmas Carol sung throughout December all over France. 

The song below is our Christmas Carol called 'Entre le boeuf et l'ane Gris'. Google it, we did! 

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

We also ask children to do a little research into the French langauge by running a weekly competition. We choose a phrase in French and children have to write the meaning in English and put it in the box for entry. 


Phrase of the week...


Previous phrases:

Quelle heaure est-il?

Ma coulere preferee

Mon animal preferee

Laisse Tomber

Ou est le centre-ville?

La Boulangerie

Bonne Annee

Joyeax Noel

Des magasins

Une banque

Je suis fatigue

Bonne Nuit

Bon apres-midi

Je suis enchante

Je m'appelle

Comment t'appelles-tu


comment allez-vous

Je ne parle pas français

The French Flag - Do you know what each colour of the flag represents?

The Outline of France - Do you know any cities or towns in France?


French Foods - Some of the French's favourite tastes. Can you name the foods below?