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What we've been doing...

Ghost Biscuits 
The children loved decorating and creating their ghost biscuit. 
We created simple instructions for the children to follow.
We discussed the importance of washing hands to ensure they are super clean and germ free!
Gross Motor Development 
The children loved colouring under tables. They had to stretch to reach the top. This activity helps strengthen stomach and gross motor muscles. 
The children had to create their own pumpkin and loved learning in a new fun way.
Pumpkin Carving 
The children loved pulling and scooping out all the pulp and seeds inside the pumpkins. We talked about the stem and skin of the pumpkin and how it was different to our skin. 
The children thought the pulp felt slimy and cold.
We had lots of fun investigating the pulp and seeds.

Friendship Potion

In Nursery we talked about what makes a good friend. The children came up with some wonderful ideas such as, help me up when I fall, giving hugs and sharing. The children wrote their mixtures and then mixed lots of our good friend qualities together. 

Outdoor learning 
The children are now able to set up their own obstacle courses and create their own rules. This shows great progression and teamwork!
Well done Nursery!
Who will help me bake the bread?
Our talk for write story is the Little Red Hen.
The children have loved our story and can now re-tell it using our story map. 
Today we decided to make our own bread just like the Little Red Hen. We re-told parts of the story whilst baking. The children created hedgehog bread as it linked nicely to our autumn topic. 
They smelt delicious! 
This term Nursery have explored sorting and matching objects. We used our autumn pumpkins to explore the concept of size. The children then sorted and matched objects by small, medium, and large. 
"The big pumpkin is heavy" said one child.
"That's a medium size" said another child.
Matching socks. 
In maths children are learning to sort objects based on colours. We decided to give the children a challenge and see if they could sort Dot the Dogs messy socks based on their patterns. Nursery did a fantastic job and knew when socks where the same and not the same. We put them in the washing machine so they would be nice and clean for Dot.

Puppet Theatre

Our Talk for Write story this term is the Little Red Hen. 

The children enjoyed making their own puppets of characters from our story. The children enjoyed acting out the story in our puppet theatre. 
Love for Reading
Our reading area is one of our favourite places to get comfy. The children enjoy selecting a reading buddy to cuddle whilst they enjoy reading a story. The children know how to look after our books and can use their language comprehension to create magical stories of their own! 
3D Autumn Tree
In Nursery we decided to create a 3D Autumn Tree for our classroom. The children selected autumn colours to paint our tree and got to work. We are promoting the Christian value of Friendship by sharing our paint brushes and working as a team. Nursery are learning that their friends feelings are important too.  
Autumn Tree Painting
In nursery we are exploring the season Autumn. Children learnt what autumn colours are. We then went on a colour hunt outside finding various colour leaves in our provision area. Understanding the world and our surrounding areas 30-50 months.
All aboard the colour train!
We love playing with trains in nursery and decided to create our own colour trains in our special learning books. The children had to match objects with the colours on their train. They did a super job at matching and sorting based on colours. 

Little Red Hen

We received a letter from Framer Ted who has lost his Little Red Hen! Nursery were very worried and thought it would be a good choice to look for her! When we returned to our classroom, we found a small egg and some red feathers. We decided that they must have belonged to the Little Red Hen.

In our Key worker groups, we created lost posters so that we could find her and return her back to Farmer Ted. Please keep a look out and contact nursery if you find her!! 

Funky Fingers

We are working on our fine motor skills so that we can become great writers. This week we have learnt the skill of threading. Each child used a piece of string to thread through our autumn leaves. We really enjoyed our funky finger activity! 

Our topic this term is 'why do leaves turn crunchy?' 
In nursery we are focusing on the season Autumn and the changes we observe currently. We enjoyed finding leaves that had fallen off our trees outside. We explored their textures and the noises they made when we walked over them. 
In our key worker groups, we each made an Autumn tree and explored colours that we can see outside during this season. 

Colour Sorting

In nursery we are learning to sort objects based on their colours. 


In our Phonics lessons we have been going on listening walks.

Nursery's First Busy Week

We have enjoyed making lots of new friends and playing in our new classroom.
In nursery we are learning the story of The Little Red Hen using our talk for write programme. Children enjoyed re-telling the story though puppet shows. We will continue to focus on this story throughout this half term.

Nursery have enjoyed developing their fine motor skills by making marks using chalks. Children used chalk on different surfaces to see what marks they would make.

Let's get moving! In nursery we enjoyed completing our obstacle course. Children demonstrated that they could follow simple instructions.

In nursery we are learning about colours. Today the children went on a colour hunt to make our class rainbow. Children worked as a team and helped each other find objects to add to our rainbow. We had lots of fun! 

In Nursery we like to promote a love for reading. Today we made our very own reading dens. The children also worked on their fine motor skills by decorating the boxes in lots of different colours which links to our maths topic this term. We had a great time with our friends.

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