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What we’ve been doing…

A Pirate's Life is For Me!

Our children have shown an interest in pirates this term. As a result we have followed their interest and allowed them to be in charge of their learning guiding the adults.

During our independent Busy Jobs some of our pupils decided to make an eye patch using string and large shapes. This week we have learnt our new pirate chant:eye patch, pirate hat, Swashbucklers cheer OOHHH ARGH!

Where will the wind take us?


We had a perfect opportunity to explore our great British weather. During our outdoor session the children where given the opportunity to explore wind and jumping in puddles. As an extension of this task Mrs G gave the children ribbon so that they could explore the feeling of material blowing in the wind as well as encourage vocabulary and repetition of our core book  We're Going on a Bear Hunt. The children loved repeated phrases of our story as they traveled around our outdoor unit. 

Vocabulary repeated refrains: 

Swishy Swashy, HOOOO WOOOOO, Squelch Squerch, Splish Splash, Splosh Splash

Funky Fingers 

Tummy Time, Doodle sticks and Scissor skills 

PD, L & EAD  

Adults in early years have encouraged our pupils to explore fine motor and gross motor activities. During our ‘Busy Jobs’ we have introduced tummy time in which the children are encouraged to make large, doodle sticks in which they use large muscles to make letter formations and shapes in the air and scissors skills to support our finger strength as well as learning a new skill. 

We have had lots of fun exploring the many ways we can make marks and draw pictures.

Whatever the Weather  

Our pupils have been learning how to put on their all in ones and wellies when completing outdoor busy jobs. This is a part of our ethos in which we encourage children to become independent within their ‘busy jobs’. Our activities have been carefully planned based on our children’s interest of pirates and paint as well as the need to develop both our fine motor and gross motor skills to enable us to effectively write!  

We have enjoyed scrubbing the deck of our pirate ship the Great Jolly Rodger. The children used soapy water to clean the windows and scrub the deck of our pirate ship! 

We have also enjoyed using powder paint to explore making marks outside as well as painting our friendship bench!  

 New vocabulary  

Scrubbing, brushing, wiping, cleaning, pirates, Jolly Rodger, mixing, painting, stroking, splashing, pouring, squeezing.

Next steps in action 

Having reflected on our previous work and adults noticing a need for fine motor intervention, we held our first BIG DRAW. Our first session focused on following instructions, holding our whiteboard pens correctly and making marks that represented our faces. 

 We learnt how to sit smartly with our boards, pens and rubbers and how to look after our pens. We then followed instructions and small steps on how to draw a face.  

We recapped previous learning by talking about face features and how to position our pens and move them in the correct direction when drawing a circle.  

 EAD, PD, L-W, BI & CL  

New vocabulary:  

First, second, third, finally  

Curved, round, long, short, thin and thick

There is a Brown Bear in our Playground… 

Mrs Riley managed to take a picture of the Brown Bear as he stood proudly on our steps. The children began to wonder where Bear’s live and if he might be lost.  

This created a class discussion in which the children suggested many great ideas. Bears live in forests, woods and caves. As a result the children where set off with a task for creating a cave for Brown Bear if he comes back this evening.  

The children worked in a small team to make a cave that was wide enough for our bear. They used a range of boxes and construction material.  


We are Going on a Bear Hunt 

BI, PD, L, C&L & M 

Mrs Kelly saw a Brown furry shadow in our playground. The children thought it might have been a Brown Bear. As a result the children wanted to explore our outdoor environment to investigate. We packed a bag with camouflage clothing, gloves, notebook and pencil and magnifying glasses. The children decided we might also need a bucket of water, fish and a teddy bear because the Bear might be thirsty, hungry or need a friend.  

During our investigation we found lots of clues. We found scratch marks on our tree bark, footprints small and large. We also noticed our fence was broken with pieces of wood missing.

Following the interests of children  CI 

Areas of development- EAD, PD & CL 

One of our pupils wanted to make the colours brown and pink for skin tone. We took this opportunity to learn about mixing colours. We used our colour chart to select the appropriate colours. Adults modelled how to get the correct amount of paint and mix using a paint brush.  

Whole class lesson on mixing colours  AI

Following on from our pupil’s interest we created a lesson on mixing colours. The children each selected two colours and painted them on their hands. They then mixed the colours by rubbing their hands to see what new colour they have produced!  

Creating Independence during Tidy Up Time   

This term we are encouraging children to become independent during their busy jobs. We learnt how to wash up after using paint in the creative area. The children learnt how to use a sponge and warm soapy water to remove any paint from our trays.  

Once the trays had been cleaned the children learnt how to dry their trays using a paper towel. 

We also learnt how to clean down our tables and easels using hot soapy water, sponges and paper towels.  


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