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What we’ve been doing…

Bath TimeOur children proving that they are the leaders in their own education. During this activity our students decided to collect the dolls from our role play area to bathe in the water area. This activity became much more than exploring space and measure. 

Our children are very creative and love to use various tools to explore colour and painting. 
This week we have tried to re-create a very popular activity which is very easy to set up, yet so effective! 

Book ClubEveryone is a reader and that's just what our children love to do. As part of our continuous provision we have added some of our children's favourite books outside and this was the result!

Here at Elland we aim to create a love for reading and support our children in become fluid and confident with their reading.

Busy Jobs - Perfume Making

The children loved making perfumes as part of their 'busy jobs' this week.It was great to see the children working together to make up a beautiful recipe for the perfect perfume. This activity was created based on our children's interests of making potions and creating recipes.It was a great opportunity to see collaboration and sharing of ideas. The children also took the opportunity to experiment with measurements such as measuring spoons and measuring jugs.

WINDOW CLEANERSWe had so much fun cleaning our school windows! The children were very enthusiastic and our windows are now glistening!This activity focused on both fine and gross motor development!

Busy Job Wednesday

Our 'busy job' this Wednesday was to make some delicious cheese or jam sandwiches for our Teddy Bears Picnic.We followed a set of simple instructions and allowed the children to get to work with minimal adult support. We want our children to become independent in every aspect of their learning.
Today's The Day The Teddy Bears have Their Picnic!
A day full of fun! We loved every second of Wellbeing Wednesday. The children were keen to eat their creations and enjoyed having the opportunity to talk about their special teddy with friends. We observed some beautiful conversations during our chat and snack.

Firework Powder Paint 

During our outdoor provision, the children enjoyed making marks with Powder Paint. We explored using a new technique with our brushes to create thin and thick lines. The children worked in pairs showing that they can share resources and ideas. 
Our outdoor area was a range of bright colours by the end of the day! 

Bonfire Celebrations in Early Years  

Step 1
The Children enjoyed learning about the celebration Bonfire night. We discussed the role of Guy Fawkes and King James. 
Step 2 
The children created edible sparklers using bread sticks, melted chocolate and sprinkles. We discussed the importance of washing our hands to ensure we do not contaminate our food with germs.  Adults promoted independence during this activity. 
Step 3
The children learnt all about fire safety especially on Bonfire night. We watched a video that explained how to hold Sparklers safely. The children practised following these safety rules with their homemade sparklers. 
Step 4 
Once the children had followed the safety rules, they enjoyed practising writing their names, shapes and letter sounds in the sky. 
Step 5
The children sat around our homemade campfire listening to nursery rhymes and campfire stories. We enjoyed eating our delicious creations! 

Spooky Stories in The Dark!!

The children in Reception became authors for the afternoon and scary ones at that!! 
We created our very own spooky stories using our Tales Toolkit symbols. 
The children explored the characters, setting, problem and solution in our story structure. 
We turned out the lights for special effect and snuggled close on the carpet, listening to each child who wanted to create their own scary story! 
what a great way to explore stories and demonstrate our listening skills! 

Pumpkin Day! 

Foundation stage took part in 'Pumpkin Day' 
The children initially designed their own pumpkin using paper and crayons. We discussed various emotions and how we can display them onto our pumpkins. 
We talked about the celebration Halloween and discussed how lots of people like to make Jack O' Lanterns as part of the festivities. 
We then worked in small groups carving and scooping out the pulp from the Pumpkins. 
The children liked the sensory experience of pulling out the pulp and feeling the texture. 
This activity demonstrated our children's ability to work in a team and share resources. 
Once the pumpkins were carved, we used the pulp to create our very own Pumpkin soup!
The children loved tasting what we had created, we discussed what the soup tasted and felt like and scribed the children's comments. 
We then left the pumpkins out in provision for the children to explore freely. 


Reception and Nursery enjoyed learning all about Baptisms!  
We explored how Christians welcome children and adults into their faith. 
The children loved using our role play to act out the celebration of a Baptism. 
We discussed why we have candles and crosses present at Baptisms and practised blessing ourselves with the sign of the cross. 


CVC Potion Making 

We have completed some SPOOKY work!!
The children have loved our new potion making area! This provision was created based on our children's interest towards the celebration Halloween. 
This enhancement has encouraged and motivated our children to write simple CVC words for their potions. 
The children then placed their potion recipes on the wall for their peers to try and re-create them. 

Friendship Bracelets 

In Reception we have learnt the importance of Friendship especially when starting school for the very first time! 
Today we decided to make friendship bracelets for people who make us feel happy. 
This activity allowed children to explore what friendship means and how we can be kind to others.

Stanley's Stick 

Reception Power of Reading story this term is 'Stanley's Stick' 
The children loved using their imaginations to transform their sticks. 
The children played with their creations all day!
We had a range of ideas such as a bird, a hedgehog, a bridge, an airplane, and a dinosaur foot! 

Who Will Help Me Make The Bread? 

Foundation stage worked together to make some delicious hedgehog bread.
The children learnt all about hedgehogs and how they are preparing for hibernation. 
We then made our own bread using both our fine and gross motor skills to help us.
Making bread also allowed the children to have a real life experience similar to nursery's story of 'The Little Red Hen' 
The children loved this activity and provided a great experience that the children will cherish.

Autumn Scavenger Hunt 

This term in Reception our topic is 'Why Do Leaves Go Crunchy?' 
The children have enjoyed learning all about seasonal changes and how leaves change colour and fall from the trees.  
We followed the children's interests and decided to go on a leaf hunt in our outdoor area. 
We heard some fantastic vocabulary and even used some of the leaves in our creative area.
The children made leaf men and ladies which are now displayed in our classroom! 

Phonics Super Stars

Reception have been eager to learn their new sounds! 
The children have enjoyed mark making inside and outside using their formation skills. 
We Are Reception Ready 
Reception have had a fantastic start to the Autumn term. We have enjoyed investigating our new classroom and making new friendships. 
The children particularly enjoyed our campfire reading area and exploring our outdoor provision! 

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