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Year 3


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What we’ve been doing…

Red Nose Day Winning Joke

What A Good Day!

Year 3 had a wonderful day celebrating our Ofsted result on Wednesday. We thought about what's good in our lives, had a very special zoom call with Josh and played a game of BINGO!  Josh had us shouting, dancing, searching for missing objects and on the whole being very silly! What a GOOD day. 

World Book Day

Something very strange happened in Elland C of E on Friday. All the pupils in Year 3 disappeared and in their place stood superheroes, witches, wizards and a very spotty dalmatian! They were all very excited to be in the classroom and completed lots of games and quizzes!

Ancient Monuments

After researching Stonehenge in class, year three were challenged with creating a model at home. They were given the freedom of what resources they used and we had some fantastic results! Children have used straws,  tin foil, boxes, clay, Play-doh and even biscuits! I am super proud of their creations. 

Back Again!

Following our previous lesson, the children were given a challenge - to figure out what Stone Age people ate. To do this, they had to excavate some Stone Age poo and figure out what their diet consisted of! As you can tell by the look on their faces...they loved it! 

Back In Time

Year 3 travelled back in time to the Stone Age on Tuesday. We learnt all about the palaeolithic period and the evidence which has been left behind. The children then took this information and worked in groups to create some fantastic cave paintings! 

Shadow Puppet Theatre

On the last day before half term, Year 3 put on a spectacular shadow puppet theatre. They took inspiration from our book 'Arthur and the golden rope' and told the story of his mighty adventure across the Artic ocean through shadow puppets! 

The Adventure Continues...

Year 3 have been following the adventure of Arthur Brownstone - the unlikeliest of heroes. During Arthur's adventures, a monstrous black wolf attacks the Icelandic town he lives in. In response to this Year 3 have created some wonderful freeze frames to show what happened before, during and after the attack. 

Professor Brownstone Competition

On Friday 18th September Year Three entered a competition to visit the Brownstone family vault. On Monday we received a very special letter and delivery addressed to us all. The letter explained how we are all worthy winners but unfortunately, due to current circumstances, we cannot enter the vault. However, Professor Brownstone has very kindly sent us three artefacts to observe and his letter told us the history of each one. 

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