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May God give us the courage to try, the will to succeed and hope without limits

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Year 3




What we’ve been doing…


The children were tasked with making a volcano as part of their Geography topic and we think they have done a fantastic job. A number of the children have gone above and beyond and have created volcanoes that actually erupt using a mixture of Coca-Cola and mentos or vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. 

...And A Volcano Cake!

Perfect Poetry

Year 3 have been reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane this half term. They have finished off the half term by writing these wonderful poems about Edward's journey to find love. We think they are done an exceptionally good job, so much so that we have created a class poetry book to showcase them all.

A Letter From The King

Back in September, Year 3 sent their condolences to the King following the death of the Queen. The children expressed how sorry they were at her passing and offered Charles advise in his new role as the King. Knowing how busy the King is, we weren't sure whether or not we would get a response however, today we received a very special letter that had the Buckingham Palace stamp on the front. The children were thrilled to receive a letter back from King Charles and they can't quite believe that the King has responded to their letters. The letter will be framed in the coming days and proudly displayed in school.

Back To The Stone Age

Today, Year 3 went back in time to the Stone Age. They spent the day learning how to make arrow heads using a technique known as flint knapping, created cave paintings and built their very own Stonehenge out of clay. They had lots of fun and here are a few pictures to prove it!

Designing Pizzas

Year 3 have been busy planning and designing pizzas as part of our recent Design Technology Unit. They made the pizzas from scratch and enjoyed eating them during our Pizza Party - our class behaviour reward.

Letters To The King

This week, Year 3 have written letters King Charles III. In their letters, they have expressed their condolences for the passing of the Queen, given him some advice as he takes on his new role as the King of England and asked him questions about is new job. The children were very excited when they found out that we were ACTUALLY sending them to Buckingham Palace. We are now keeping everything crossed that we get a response. 

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