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May God give us the courage to try, the will to succeed and hope without limits

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Year 4




Y4 Multiplication Check

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What we've been doing

Independent Homework

A few examples of homework completed by some of the children in their own time. Well done for attempting the extension work on writing a poem.

Outdoor Learning

In Outdoor Learning, Mr Parker taught us how to use PE equipment to relpicate electrical circuits. Can you guess what equipment represents the components?

Forensic Science Workshop

We enjoyed the Forensic Science Workshop. We loved learning about DNA, photo fit identification,  and examining samples with magnifying glasses.

Red Nose Day Winning Joke

Asia's Pizzeria!

We had an amazing time making Italian style pizzas. We made the pizza sauce, pizza dough and cooked them in a Ooni Pizza oven.

Another Pizza The Action!

We’ve only gone and done it again. But this time we’ve gone bigger and better. We started the morning off with making our own pizza sauce using the following ingredients: tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, garlic and olive oil. After cooking the sauce, we moved on to making pizza dough using strong flour, yeast and water. The final and best part of the morning was making our own pizzas with Mr Whitton’s Ooni pizza oven. The pizzas were delicious.

Forest School

This half term we have been lucky to go off site for our outdoor learning sessions. We made bird feed using several ingredients including gelatine, water and various types of seeds.

Ancient Egypt

Our Topic this half term is Ancient Egyptians. We just had to wrap Mathew in toilet rolls so we could experience what it was like for the Egyptians to mummify their pharoes. Do not worry though, we didn't pluck the brains out through the nostrils using the special hook.

Chapati Making

As Asia is our class continent, we just had to make chapatis.  Again, no packet mix - made from scratch.

After making and cooking the chapatis, children sampled a little taste of chicken tikka masala with their home made chapatis. They also tasted the popular crispy Indian bread - the poppadom.  

Pizza Dough

We made pizza dough and part-baked them in school (no packet mix in sight).

Children finished their pizzas off at home and added their own toppings. 

Our class project is bread. 

The final week of term, we have looked at several breads from around the world, including bread rolls, pizza dough and chapatis. Children have used a huge range of skills this past week: following step by step instructions with recipes, using the appropriate weighing scales and measuring accurately and using the correct vocabulary when 'in the kitchen'.


With our continent being Asia, we have studied several areas of China, India and Japan. The photos show children developing their origami style skills by making miniature Japanese dolls.

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