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Elland C of E Junior, Infant & Nursery School (VA)

Year 5

South America



What we’ve been doing…


Working At Home

The pictures below shows Dylan getting his hands dirty and displaying practical skills and excellent teamwork with his brother as they rebuild a bike during our school closure.
They used reading skills to follow instructions and mathematical skills whilst measuring the cables and bolts. 

Dear Year 5  

Our school is closing, just for a while, 

But our learning will not stop, just change to the style. 

There's a very nasty virus which we don't want you to get, 

So its best to stay at home but try not to get upset. 


It's okay if you feel a bit scared or sad, 

It's hard when things are different but not everything is bad. 

I will be at my house and you will be at yours, 

You will carry on with learning and play and help with chores. 


Be sure to write a timetable of what you do each day, 

Include our Maths and English tasks and don't forget to play! 

Whilst many things are changing some things will stay the same, 

I am your teacher and South America is our class name. 


We'll support each other and keep in touch for sure, 

Once everything is safe again we'll run back through the door. 

We'll be back with our friends again at school and parties too, 

But while things are different I'll send you lots of things to do

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