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Year 6

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What we’ve been doing…

Send A Friend A Card Day

After seeing a post on social media (see below) I asked my class if they would like to make and send a card to the residents of Lindley Care Home for ‘National Send a Friend a Card Day.’

They have made some lovely cards and have written some messages inside. Some children looked online to find suitable quotes to write inside. They enjoyed doing this.

Sleep and Well-Being

Year sleep took part in a sleep and well-being workshop last week. The children worked in groups to identify things that could keep them awake and what they could do to help with this. They also looked at how lack of sleep can harm their well-being.

Homework Award

Theses children are the first in the school to receive their homework awards from the Headteacher for completing their homework every week for the last ten weeks.


Year 6 have been looking at circuits in science. They have been learning the scientific symbols for the different components and what is needed to light a bulb in a circuit. The children were given tin foil. a battery and a bulb and as a group asked to create a circuit with the bulb lit. They all worked well together to create these and one group even went on to light two bulbs in their circuit.

Our Class Book

In English Year 6 are reading a book called 'Stay where you are and then Leave' which is a story about love and war. We have been thinking about what qualities a soldier needs to have and have written recipes to make a soldier. This all relates to our History topic about World Wars and what perfect timing for Remembrance Day.

Lest We Forget

Year 6 have attended the remembrance service in the square today to show their respects. This event has tied in with the children learning about both World Wars and the class book 'Stay where you are then Leave'.

Design Technology - Day of the Dead

Here are some photos from Year 6 who have designed and created a Day of the Dead mask they have worked hard using three different stitches (running stitch, cross stitch and overlay stitch) to bring their design to life.

Park Lane Follow-up Work

The children loved the experience of spending a day in a Secondary school. They not only had different lessons but they got to have lunch and mix with children from across the school at lunchtime.

They learnt about how different ‘Laws’ are created and how the voting system works. In Art they used wax to create art work in the style of Yayoi Kusama (a famous Japanese artist) They and had a fantastic PE lesson and Maths lesson where they used prepositional language to describe how they had made a 3D object.

It was great for the to meet staff from across the school. Even those not involved in the taster day popped in to say hello, which was lovely.

Park Lane Taster Session

Here are a few pictures from our day of taster sessions at Park Lane High School. The children and staff had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed the day. This gave the children a little taster of what high school will be like. 


Lola-Jo was the first to finish the 'Chimp Level Debugging Challenge' during our coding lesson. 
Macaulay helped Neevie-Lea on the 'Gibbon level' which was really challenging.

RE Homework

In RE we have been looking at the creation story and how the universe came into existence and recording our thoughts and opinions. As part of their home work this week Year 6 were asked to think about what the universe would look like if they had created it.
NIcole created these wonderful badges and Madison produced an amazing piece of atr work. Well done girls .

Light up your World

In science the topic for 6 is Light up your World. The children have been investigating how their reflection differs in a concave, convex and flat reflective surface and why they are different they have then recorded their findings.

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